YANG bMouse Setup

  bMouse is a tool for Blood, Duke3D, Shadow Warrior and Redneck Rampage. It will give better mouse smoothing created by SwissCM.  
For Supported DOS games
For DOS Build Engine based games which are supported by YANG, currently being Blood, Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior, all you have to do is set the path to your "bMouse.exe" without the need to copy bMouse to your game folder as shown below.
  As you can see, all you have to do here is tick the "Use bMouse with the DOS Build Engine games" option and set your "bMouse.exe" location.

That's all you have to do for setting up bMouse for the DOS Build Engine based games supported by YANG.
For Custom DOS Games
  For Custom DOSBox games you just have to copy the "bMouse.exe" file into the main game folder where your main game executable is.
So for an example as "Redneck Rampage" is a custom DOS game on YANG, I have copied "bMouse.exe" to the main game folder then manually ran the "setup.exe" for the game using DOSBox and then on the DOS setup menu I have chosen "Controller Setup" then "Setup External" and "Change External Program Name" and inputted "BMOUSE.EXE" as shown in the screenshot below.