Duke Nukem 3D Online - EDUKE32 Setup


Download the most stable EDuke32 client below.

The current most stable adaptation of EDuke32, made for playing Duke Nukem 3D online on Windows. More changes are required in order to make that work on other platforms.

This specific build of EDuke32 was originally adapted and tested on Windows only.
A forum post about this EDuke32 build can be found here.

Cobbled together by Hendricks266

This port has one purpose and one purpose only: to provide a usable EDuke32 in online multiplayer in the interim of the completion of the client-server rewrite.

Sequential Changelog:

Checked out revision 1199 (what would have been snapshot 20090101).
Patched in revisions 1468 through 1481: the complete audiolib overhaul, including the crackly sound fix.
Patched in revision 1523 ogg click fix.
Copied over entire sound and music system from current r3009 and compensated for changes in the rest of the source. [This was time-consuming.]
Manually replicated changes in revisions 2462 through 2470 to fix some sound cutoff bugs.

Add orange game.ico and game.bmp for easy distinction.
Changed name to "eduke32-oldmp.exe".
Changed log to "eduke32-oldmp.log".
Changed default cfg settings:
- 8-Bit Classic selected by default
- Mouse Input Smoothing disabled by default
- Disabled update checking since it would always trigger and this is a special build anyway.
- Upped default NumVoices to 96.
Added a bugfix when importing newer eduke32.cfg files that if MouseSensitivity is set to 0 (because in newer versions the value is surrounded with quotes and the import function does not account for that) it resets to the default so the menu slider does not lock up.
Rename cfg name to "eduke32-oldmp.cfg" to prevent conflicts and made a copypaste so that it will ask to import from eduke32.cfg if not found.
Updated Windows version detection at startup.
Added large page support but I don't know if this has any effect without nedmalloc.
Disabled building of Mapster32 by default since it has nothing to benefit from this old version.
Patched in the "Fav priority" autoswitch feature that I wrote.
Patched in slightly more useful ScriptInfo formatting that I wrote.
Patched in revision 1624 to fix the security camera crash.

Known Problems:
There are issues with sounds not playing when they should.
There may be an unidentified issue with rockets fired into water exploding on contact with the water surface.

    Download v20120912: Win32 Binaries / Source  

Inside YANG (Yet Another Netplay Guider) choose the "Settings" menu and then choose the "Source ports" option.and select the "Duke Nukem 3D" tab as seen in the below screenshot.

  3. Place a tick next to the "EDuke32" option and click on the "Locate" button to find and select your "eduke32-oldmp.exe" file.  
  4. Set your User maps directory as seen in the above picture mines set to "D:\eduke32\".  
  5. Press the "OK" button to save your choices.  
  6. For the person that wants to host a room they will click on the "Action" menu and choose the "Create a room" option.  

In the above screenshot you should be able to select the drop down menu for "Source port:" and select the "EDuke32" option then your map that you want to play and game type and skill monsters usually off if a Dukematch game, unless cooperative or so and so.

You will also be able to change your room name to "EDuke32-oldmp v20120912".

I recommend you choose this room name so people will know your using this EDuke32 version, and all players that join your room must have the exact same EDuke32 version to play online as you do to avoid out of sync issues.

For "Connection type:" choose "P2P" mode.

Do not use "Server/Client" mode, as this is only for the new EDuke32 versions that currently are unstable with the broken netcode at the moment.

Once you are ready you have an option to advertise your room on the rooms list for other players to find your game room and join you.

It should be straight forward from there to start playing!

But if you need to forward ports, for example by default the TCP "8501" port is only needed if you want to host a YANG room, but not needed to join a YANG room.

The UDP port "23513" may need to be forwarded to play the game, and you can check the "Port Forwarding Guide" for further help.