xDuke - 19.8 - Windows 7 - color - Fix


xDuke 19.7.1 and 19.8 have had rainbow color issues in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 with a palette color problem as well as some other older games which are also effected when viewed at full screen mode.

With Windows XP and Windows 8, I have never seen the color pallete problems for any of the old games using the 8-bit color depths, and those operating systems should be ok.

With xDuke 19.7.1 I had to run it with compatibility mode as 'Windows XP SP2" or it would crash. However it was not needed on v19.8.

These color fixing methods will also work for other old games such as Diablo 2 and Starcraft, to fix the garbled colors when you run the game in Full Screen mode.

    xDuke - 19.8 - Method 1

    Please read this method completely, it does not work just by changing the theme & has so far worked for everyone, but you have to do it everytime,

      • Step 1

        Open Control Panel and choose the option "Change the theme"




      • Step 2

        Change to the theme as shown in the screenshot "Windows Classic".
        Make sure you don't choose basic.



      • Step 3

        Open the screen resolution window in control panel shown in the screenshot.

        Now you must keep this window open at all times.
        You can minimize it if you want! But you *MUST* make sure this window stays open.




      • Step 4
        *IMPORTANT STEP* - Right click also on the "YANG.EXE" using Windows Explorer and change the properties of the file so that you run "YANG.EXE" as an administrator as shown here http://yang-online.com/images/runasadminwin7.jpg
        Or you most likely will get the problem where xDuke says 'not an allowed player'.
        This is because it can't update a file used to store IP address's and Ports of the players inside the room.
        Also make sure you do the same for your xDuke executable usually 1.1 MB in size.

      • Step 5
        Run xDuke 19.8 as normal making sure you are set on the "classic theme" and the "screen resolution" window is open!
        Now the game colors in Full Screen mode should be fixed.


      xDuke - 19.8 - Method 2

      • Step 1

        Download "xduke.zip" and extract/copy the "xduke.bat" to the same folder that your "duke3d_w32.exe" is in.

      • Step 2

        Configure "Yet Another Netplay Guider (YANG)" and change your path to your "xduke.bat" instead of the xDuke "duke3d_w32.exe" shown below.


      • Step 3

        Play Duke as normal and it should correct the color issue when playing with Windows 7.
        You also should set your "duke3d_w32.exe" xDuke game file to be ran as an administrator if recording demos by right mouse clicking on the file in Windows Explorer and going into the properties for that file to avoid crash when recording a demo and it should be approx 1.2MB in size for the correct executable.

        How method 2 works

        Has been tested on "Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate".

        It uses the Windows "taskkill.exe" to close "explorer.exe" just the same way as killing an application that you can do in Windows Task Manager when you end a program.
        Once xDuke has exited from the game "explorer" will start again and you will be able to see your desktop and taskbar again. The closing of "explorer" seems to fix the color problem.
        If you need to use it for something else you are welcome to try. For example rename your game executable to "duke3d_w32.exe" or make your own .bat file.

        If the colors are still messed up.
        Best thing to do is ALT+TAB to minimize your game.
        Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and run "Task Manager"
        Look for explorer.exe and end the program then click back into your xDuke game and the colors will be fixed.

        The file has the following lines that are ran and you can edit them in notepad,

        @echo off
        taskkill /F /IM Explorer.exe
        duke3d_w32.exe %*
        start %windir%\Explorer.exe

      *IMPORTANT* - I recommend right clicking also on "YANG.EXE" and change the properties so that it can be run as an administrator shown here http://yang-online.com/images/runasadminwin7.jpg.
      Or you might have problems launching games on YANG as it will say "not an allowed player".
      Also do the same for your main xDuke executable if you have problems in Windows 7/Vista etc.

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