Setting Up A Source Port

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All the games can be set up on YANG using this dialog from the "Settings" menu on YANG.
  In this example I will set up the xDuke Source Port. First I will download xDuke from the main website: "".  
  You can then extracted xDuke into your "c:\xDuke" folder and copy your "DUKE3D.GRP" Atomic v1.5 file from your CD or from your game files you have purchased.
I then will click on the "Duke Nukem 3D" TAB and I will get the following as seen below.
  In this example I have checked on "xDuke (formerly Rancidmean Reloaded)" and set my path to my xDuke executable file as well as where my usermaps are located. I then press OK and that's me finished setting up the xDuke Source Port on YANG.