Magic Carpet 2 - Setup

    !!!Important Note!!! - If you have the GOG Edition of the game, the setup is totally different, view here to setup.  
    To set up "Magic Carpet 2" on YANG.  

In this example I have copied the CD-ROM files to my hard disc and downloaded "netbios.exe" from "".

You should be able to mount the CD-ROM in the YANG setup instead if you wanted to.

The game settings are usually saved to your hard disc in the default location of "C:\NETHERW", once you have set up your sound and music settings for the game by running the "nwsetup.bat" file from the CD inside DOSBox.

    For "netbios.exe" you will need to run the executable to extract the files that are compressed. If you cannot run "dw271e.exe" from your machine, use "DOSBox" to extract it like I have done in the picture below.  
    You will find the "netbios.exe" inside the "NIOS" folder of the archive.  
    So you will need the following.  
  Original Magic Carpet 2 CD-ROM (Amazon)  
  "Netbios" from the "NetWare DOS Client" (Link)  
  Latest version of "DOSBox" (Link)  

Configuring Magic Carpet II inside YANG


In the "Settings" menu open up the "Source Ports" dialog and click on the "DOSBox" tab and make sure that you have the path set to your "DOSBox.exe" location with the "I have DOSBox" tickbox checked.

You have the options to also mount CD-ROM locations or images here too as a note, depending on where you want to run the game files from.

  2. Select the "Custom DOS Games" tab and press the button, then type in the name of the game, example "Magic Carpet 2" like in the screenshot below.  

Locate the "NETHERW.EXE" game executable and tick the tickbox that says "Use the executable for multiplayer mode".

Also ticking the box that says "Requires NetBIOS for multiplayer mode" and locate the "netbios.exe" file as seen in the above example picture and press the "OK" button to save the settings.

  4. Select the "Action" menu and choose the "Create a room" option and then click on the "Custom DOS game" TAB, and from the dropdown list choose the profile you just created called "Magic Carpet 2"  

Now let someone join your room with the same game installed with the exact same version of "DOSBox" and the game files.

Remember that you need by default when hosting a room on YANG to have the TCP port "8501" forwarded for internet games, as well as the default port UDP "23513" when hosting.

Any players that are joining your room don't need any ports forwarded to play with you.

See the "Port Forwarding" guide if you need help to do that.

    Once you are ready it's time to launch your game with the other players in the room that are ready.  
    When inside the game you can enter your nickname like in the picture below.  
    One player will start a multiplayer game like below.  

The default socket is "0".

All players must use the same socket number in order to connect to each other.

    The host will then wait at the character select screen like in the below picture.  

In this picture it shows you are the "Blue" player and someone else joined you that is currently the "Orange" colored player as you can see at the top left of the screen a color in the box's.

This tells you that a player has joined.
Any other players will show up in the other boxes with a different color for them.

It's also important not to start the multiplayer game until all the players have joined in, or they won't be able to join your game.

Here is an example of the character select screen below.


And here is an example of a game started by me and another player.

In this game it's good to have a very low ping, possibly below 80ms for it to be playable over the internet.

I recommend something like 40ms or lower for this type of game, as it wasn't really intended to be played over the internet.


Inside the game if you press the "R" key it will change to a higher resolution.

Also if you press the "D" key you can disable some of the visual effects such as the "SKY" and "Water Reflections" to avoid game crashes.

    That's it for now, I hope you have a nice time playing.