Shadow Warrior Classic (1997) Demo Player By Replica

  Recording your Shadow Warrior Netplay games can be done straight from YANG - (Yet Another Netplay Guider).  
  And playing them has never been so easier till now.  

# Changelog
Shadow Warrior Classic (1997) Demo Player by Replica

## [0.14] - Oct 20th 2019
### Added

Few bug fixes
Updated a messagebox with updated info.
Added a message to restart the application on updating the paths.

## [0.12] - Oct 15th 2019
### Added

- Fixed A filename path error.
- New Auto Update feature added.

## [0.10] - Oct 12th 2019
### Added

- Feature added for Fake Netplay Mode.
- Feature added to play back demo files.

## Known Bugs
First launching the application, DOSBox won't start DOSBox properly.
Once you close the Demo Player application and open it again it works for the rest of the time.

Sometimes the Fake Netplay button is disabled and enabling itself to fast consistently.
Just close and open the Demo Player again to solve.

The DOSBox that comes with the Demo Player for Fake Netplay mode might crash after exit.

The DOSBox that comes with the Demo Player for Fake Netplay might be missing DLL files on Windows 10.

Inside your "sw.cfg" file, the "Autorun=" should be set to 1.
If it's set to 0, then your demo players might desync and spawn in a different spot after they get killed.
I would also recommend recording the demos with Autorun=1.

  Download latest version: