Playing Duke Nukem 3D Free Shareware Online - Setting Up

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You can play Duke Nukem 3D v1.3d for FREE online over YANG before you decide to purchase the full version which is very playable online and fun!

Weapons available in the DEMO are below:

Mighty Foot
Chaingun Cannon

You also get the full episode 1 of levels to play online.

So here is how to get set up on YANG to play online.

Jump to Linux Mint Installation Guide
Windows Version
Download: "Duke Nukem 3D v1.3D Shareware Version All In One" here.

Extract files to a new folder and go into the "YANG" Folder.

This currently has a couple of Source-Ports: "EDuke32-OldMP" and "xDuke v19.8".


Run the "yang.exe".


Clink on the "Duke Nukem 3D" tab.


Check the "EDuke32" checkbox.


Locate your "eduke32-oldmp.exe" and your "User Maps" directory for keeping usermaps in.

You can also check the "xDuke" tickbox and locate the "duke3d_w32.exe" and press the "OK" button.


Now you can choose your "Nickname" to change it to what ever you want to use.


Now click on the "Action" menu and choose "Single Player".


Select the dropdown box and choose your Source-Port such as "EDuke32" then click on the "Play" button so you can configure your game controls and settings.


You might get a few popups at first but once you have passed all that while inside the game you can set up your controls and graphics settings etc like in the below photo.


Once you have set up all the settings for the game inside the game menus it's time to host a game room.


Make sure your source port is selected as "EDuke32" as default and that original map is set to either "None" which lets you choose the map inside the game or to one of the 1st episode maps due to the shareware version only having the 1st episode maps available and that your room name lets people know the exact version you are using "Shareware 1.3D" so that everyone will know to use the same files as you in order to play online this is very important.

One other very important option is the "Connection Type".

Set this to "Peer-2-Peer" if all players have forwarded their ports correctly.

Otherwise choose "Master/Slave" mode (For EDuke32 only), were only you need to have your ports forwarded as the owner of the room you are hosting.

For help on forwarding your ports on your router visit the "Port Forwarding Guide".

Once your room has been set click on "OK" to start hosting.


Click on "Advertise Room", a test will be performed on your port.
If it failed your port isn't able to be opened and you might need to check your firewall or router settings.

If successful then you should see the message of the day.

Wait for the other person to join then you have the choice to "Launch game".


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