DOSBox - Setup


Setting up DOSBox can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, so that it runs that game just how you want it to be ran smoothly or with better performance, adjusting the look and feel of it.

Some games may need additional setups, and one good thing is you can use a DOSBox configuration file as a base on YANG in the settings menus.

I'll be able to supply you with a configuration to get started and then, you can adjust it or create more configurations as you like!

  1. Download and install DOSBox.  
  2. Optionally to set up your DOSBox configuration, download a config file here, and adjust it to your needs.  
  3. On the YANG "Settings" menu choose "Source Ports" and then choose the "DOSBox" Tab.  
  4. Then locate the "dukedosconfigdosbox.conf" file to use with YANG and your DOSBox games.  

How to make DOSBox start in the centre of the screen

  5. As a Windows 10 example, on your bottom left search box type "system variables" and choose "Edit the system environment variables".  
  6. Select "New" to create a new variable.  
  7. In the "Variable Name" box type in "SDL_VIDEO_CENTERED" and in the "Variable value" box type in "1".

Now that you have done this and pressed "OK" button to save the data, DOSBox will now start in the centre of your desktop screen.