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YANG - Yet Another Netplay Guider - v0.95

A list of so-called source ports of games, which you can use with YANG, is provided below.
Using the source ports you should be able to run a game on a modern platform natively.
A way to run the original DOS versions is also provided.

The YANG thread at the Forums

WIN32 Installer: Unavailable at the moment
WIN32 binary - no installer
Windows 9x/ME users - If you have problems, you can try installing MSLU.

Linux x86_64 binary (Static wxGTK; Requires SDL 1.2 for sound notifications)
Linux x86_64 binary (Static wxGTK; Tries other methods for sound playback, may fallback to OSS)

Modified GeoIP library source code (more compact, a few code lines commented)

bMouse author's site: bMouse
Download bMouse 0.6 - remember to check author's site for the latest version.
bMouse is a program which greatly improves the mouselook in the DOS Build Engine games.

A list of game source ports and a way to play DOS games

Please *Note* that those source ports in order to run the game still requires some of the original game files from the Steam folder or the CD.

The Source Ports for Duke Nukem 3D require the "duke3d.grp" and "duke.rts" file in order to run, and you can buy the game for the data files here.
Shadow Warrior requires the "sw.grp" and "
sw.rts" and is FREE on Steam.

Duke Nukem 3D source ports: EDuke32, nDuke, hDuke, Duke3dw, xDuke.
Shadow Warrior source ports:VoidSW, SWP.
Descent 1 and 2 source port: DXX-Rebirth.
A way to play DOS originals: The DOSBox emulator.

Direct download Links

EDuke32-OldMP Release 33 + more recent versions - Mirror1 - EDuke32 Discord Server - Main Download Page
hDuke 246555 rv18k BETA46 - Download - Only works with Atomic v1.5 (This may change)
nDuke v2.0 beta4 - Mirror1
xDuke v19.8 Win9x, Win7, WinXP, Vista Mirror1
ProAsms SWP:,,,,,,,


StrikerDM - An EDuke32-OldMP Dukematch Mod and Community Map Pack! - Download / Forums

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