Duke Nukem 3D Online - EDuke32-OldMP Setup


The current status of EDuke32


With EDuke32, there's the Client/Server Netcode that is still in development and isn't fully merged with mainline yet.

That means in its current status, if you were to download EDuke32 from the main website here, the Netplay Mode would not function properly as it's broken/uncompleted.

Then, there's EDuke32-OldMP, which is a fork based on an old EDuke32 build that still had the old functioning DOS-style Netcode/Multiplayer like most of the other Source-Ports.

And it definately seems to be doing well over the years.

So unfortunately playing with the Server/Client mode is broken and doesn't function just now.

The only modes that are working just now with the EDuke32-OldMP, are the "Peer-2-Peer" mode and the "Master/Slave" mode.

When the EDuke32 Client/Server Netcode is complete and released, then this will most likely become the best and most stable way to play Online Multiplayer because people will be able to host Dedicated Servers located in very fast and smooth latency data server rooms in different colocations.

And of course that machine would not load the game graphics, as it will just sit there hosting a server for players to join with a console window only.

In-Game-Joining a game that's already being played and in progress should be possible when it's released if it's coded that way, but not required, although it's a nice feature to have if it's in the C/S release.

You won't need to forward ports to play on Servers.

When ran on decent quality servers, you won't get lag issues.

You also won't get lag issues caused by other players computers and internet connections, as it won't effect other players on the server.

Some servers can be hosted with 24/7 availability.

And be able to support more players not just 8, and it would be stable.

There are two people programming the EDuke32 Client/Server Source-Port.

Jordon Moss (Striker The Hedgefox) and jwaffe(75).

If you would like to make donations towards the project to help and support them, please visit the (EDuke32 C/S Fund), to make a donation.


Setting up the current working EDuke32-OldMP for Netplay/Multiplayer


Download the most stable EDuke32 client below.

You can buy Duke Nukem 3D The Atomic Edition here, to get the game data in order to copy it to the EDuke32 Source-Port if you don't already have the files needed which are "duke3d.grp" and "duke.rts".

Some of the other SourcePorts such as hDuke might only work with the Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition, which might support the 20 Edition GRP data file in the future.

If you bought a game code instead you would just need to activate the code on the Steam platform to download your game at the bottom left hand side of the screen on the Steam client.

Also the Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour on Steam works on EDuke32, and even on Netplay mode when other players are using/mixing the Atomic or the 20th Anniversary with EDuke32-OldMP.

Which means it doesn't matter if players use the Atomic v1.5 game GRP file or and the 20th Anniversary game GRP file can be played together as they are compatible.

Just note that the Source-Ports have no menu for Episode 5 just now though, so you would only be able to play Episodes 1 to 4, plus xDuke might need to be updated to allow Atomic players to mix with 20th Edition players due to the GRP CRC checks, but everything just seems to be compatible when using EDuke32-OldMP.

You will need to copy the ".GRP" file from the "Steamapps" folder to your EDuke32 location in order to run it.

If you have purchased the Duke Nukem 3D Atomic v1.5 Edition, then copy the "duke3d.grp" and the "duke.rts" files to the EDuke32-OldMP's location.

The current most stable adaptation of EDuke32, made for playing Duke Nukem 3D online on Windows. More changes are required in order to make that work on other platforms.

This specific build of EDuke32 was originally adapted and tested on Windows only.
A forum post about this EDuke32 build can be found here EDuke32-OldMP Setup Forums.

And the latest release you can download from here - https://gitlab.com/mossj32/EDuke32-OldMP_Maintenance/tags

This port has one purpose and one purpose only: to provide a usable EDuke32 in online multiplayer in the interim of the completion of the client-server rewrite.

Feel free to check the forums for other releases or later releases.

Cobbled together by Hendricks266
Maintenance and Further Development by Striker


Inside YANG (Yet Another Netplay Guider) choose the "Settings" menu and then choose the "Source ports" option.and select the "Duke Nukem 3D" tab as seen in the below screenshot.

  3. Place a tick next to the "EDuke32" option and click on the "Locate" button to find and select your "eduke32-oldmp.exe" file.  
  4. Set your User maps directory as seen in the above picture mines set to "D:\eduke32\".  
  5. Press the "OK" button to save your choices.  
  6. For the person that wants to host a room they will click on the "Action" menu and choose the "Create a room" option.  

In the above screenshot you should be able to select the drop down menu for "Source port:" and select the "EDuke32" option then your map that you want to play and game type and skill monsters usually off if a Dukematch game, unless cooperative or so and so.

You will also be able to change your room name to "EDuke32-oldmp{Version Number}".

I recommend you choose this room name so people will know your using this EDuke32 version, and all players that join your room must have the exact same EDuke32 version to play online as you do to avoid out of sync issues.

For "Connection type:" choose "P2P" mode.

Of if you find other players are having trouble connecting to your game while launching, then try "Master/Slave" mode.

Do not use "Server/Client" mode, as this is only for the new EDuke32 versions that currently are unstable with the broken netcode at the moment.

Once you are ready you have an option to advertise your room on the rooms list for other players to find your game room and join you.

It should be straight forward from there to start playing!

But if you need to forward ports, for example by default the TCP "8501" port is only needed if you want to host a YANG room, but not needed to join a YANG room.

The UDP port "23513" may need to be forwarded to play the game, and you can check the "Port Forwarding Guide" for further help.

If you set the connection type to "Master/Slave" mode, then only the HOST of the Room needs to forward ports, but no one should need to forward ports when joining you.