HDuke 246555 rv18k Beta44


1. Download HDuke 246555 rv18k Beta44.

Assuming you already installed YANG (Yet Another Netplay Guider).

This is were to add the path to your hDuke SourcePort, since there is no built in support for hDuke directly yet.

2. You would go to the "Settings" menu and choose "Source Ports".

Then select the "Duke Nukem 3D" tab to locate the hduke.exe.

3. This SourcePort requires the game file "duke3d.grp" Atomic v1.5 Registered to play.

**Note** With this version of hDuke doesn't support the "Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour" data files, but in the future it may do.

It only supports Atomic v1.4 and v1.5.

You can use EDuke32-OldMP that will work with the "Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour".

4. Press the "OK" button to save the settings.

Now you have set hDuke up.


hDuke - How to set up Team Dukematch mode

The creator of the room will add the following command line arguments for all players.

For those extra arguments for the Host, add this command line "-team" to enable Team Dukematch, or "-teamforts" to enable a Team Dukematch mode game with special respawning then press "OK" to save.

Now chat to each other and decide what team color each person will be.

Launch the game, and all players will be presented with an option screen to select which Team they are on before the game starts.

Now you can play a Team Dukematch game.


hDuke - How does the Host set a score limit until the game ends?

For the Hosts room, they need to set "/y##" to set a score limit for everyone in the command lines.

The above example shows setting the score limit to 10 with the "/y10" command line argument.

That will mean once a player reaches a score of 10, the game will pop up music and a message.


hDuke - Spectator Mode

If you want to spectate in the game instead of playing it, then change your in-game Nickname to "Spectator".

Then the next game that starts, you will be a Spectator watching the gameplay.

You can change views with your Coop View key, usually by default "K".


hDuke - Other Commands


-team TeamDukematch mode game
-teamforts TeamDukematch mode game with special respawn
-nochange Disable change Team in game
-mousefree Mouse Cursor Free
-keyboardonly Disable mouse and enable alt strafe (Keyboard only)
/y## Fraglimit: Limit the frag in the game
-showitems Show items all time in any screen mode
-gametime Chronometer the game time
-forcerespawn Force the player respawn
-nopistol Disable pistol weapon
-dnweapons *Multiplayer Dnweapons
-noexpander Disable expander in dnweapons mode
-ms Master Slave Mode
-p2p Force peer to Peer Mode ( old netcode )
-scoretxt Enable score.txt file writing to see the scores
-newfragbar Enable special fragbar for team games
-disablek Disable Coop View in all modes
-spectator Spectator mode
-norename no rename demo file

You can also use the "-ms" command line, if some players are having trouble connecting to your game, but it would have to be used for all players for command lines.

Stuff may not work as intended, until YANG fully supports the hDuke port, but if used correctly in the command line arguments and set up, it should work.

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