Initial YANG Setup

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In the Multiplayer and Networking dialog you get 3 TABS "Player Profile", "Sound Notifications and "Networking".
On the "Player profile" you can choose your "Nickname" on YANG. This is the display name that is shown when you chat on YANG.
There is also an "In-game nickname" option. This is for the source ports and the supported DOS games nickname for when inside the game.
  On the "Sounds notifications" tab you can choose to have sounds that alert you, for example when a player joins your room.  
  The "Networking" tab allows you to configure what ports you want to use for people to connect to you when using YANG and games on YANG.  

YANG - Changing The Theme

  On YANG you have currently two color themes. If you select the menu "Action" then click on "Change Theme" you can change from a white or black theme.