xDuke - 19.8 - Vista/Windows 7 - color - Fix

Also you can use this for other older games, and Source-Ports that suffer the same problem.

I don't take any responsibiity for any data loss or curruption that may occur when using those third-party files.

After testing them, they appear to work very well, and they fix the color issues.

Colors Messed Up (DD Reg Fix):

On Windows Vista and 7, the game can run in full screen mode, however your screen colors are messed up. For this you can use a DirectDraw Windows Compatibility Registry Fix Patcher. (Windows 8/8.1/10 users don't need to use these DirectDraw Registry Patching Programs, as the color display shows properly, so no fix was developed for it.)

The registry program patchers are the "DirectDraw Compatibility Tool" by Galogen and "w7ddpatcher" by Mudlord, wich you can read the readmes that come with them to understand how to use them. These create automated registry patches for the screen color fix. It's considered a 'light' alternative, and works well with minimal overall overhead, as this Registry Fix will only run the DD 8-bit screens under a compatibility profile. Note: Once the Reg Fix patcher program writes the information to the registry for a specific game.exe, you should not move that particular game folder or exe.

How it Works; Those entries are understood by Windows Vista/7/8.1, as they are determined by the exact game.exe used. (The 'patching' programs gather the games filename, the process ID, and sets the registry keys accordingly. So one game exe version, and another game exe version are determined by the patching programs to be different specifically by various attributes of the exe, and Windows reads those differences when launching the Game. This variable, along with the needed flags makes a compatibility profile in the Registry for Windows Vista/7/8.1 to use with that application, only. It won't affect other parts of your registry or other programs.) 

Important; If you made a mistake and need to delete these entries in the registry file, here are there locations written by each Reg Fix program:

The DirectDraw Compatibility Tool writes here:


The win7ddpatcher Tool writes here:


Website: http://www.mudlord.info/products.html

I have fully being testing them on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

And if you don't prefer to run a program you can use the Original xDuke v19.8 registry files for Windows 7, and they should work on Vista, that are only for xDuke v19.8 below.

(duke3d_w32_DirectDraw_Fix_x32) - (duke3d_w32_DirectDraw_Fix_x64).

Download the x32 if you're using a x32-bit operating system, or the x64 if you're using an x64-bit operating system.

Import them into your registry by opening them, and choosing import, and the problem should be resolved for the xDuke v19.8 Source-Port.

Those registry files were created with a tool called the "DirectDraw Compatibility Tool".

Forum discussions about the tool can be found here: https://www.sevenforums.com/gaming/2981-starcraft-fix-holy-cow-22.html

Alternatively you can also try the below methods that only work temporarily.

    xDuke - 19.8 - Method 1

    Please read this method completely, it does not work just by changing the theme & has so far worked for everyone, but you have to do it everytime,

      • Step 1

        Open Control Panel and choose the option "Change the theme"




      • Step 2

        Change to the theme as shown in the screenshot "Windows Classic".
        Make sure you don't choose basic.



      • Step 3

        Open the screen resolution window in control panel shown in the screenshot.

        Now you must keep this window open at all times.
        You can minimize it if you want! But you *MUST* make sure this window stays open.




      • Step 4
        *IMPORTANT STEP* - Right click also on the "YANG.EXE" using Windows Explorer and change the properties of the file so that you run "YANG.EXE" as an administrator as shown here https://yang-online.com/images/runasadminwin7.jpg
        Or you most likely will get the problem where xDuke says 'not an allowed player'.
        This is because it can't update a file used to store IP address's and Ports of the players inside the room.
        Also make sure you do the same for your xDuke executable usually 1.1 MB in size.

      • Step 5
        Run xDuke 19.8 as normal making sure you are set on the "classic theme" and the "screen resolution" window is open!
        Now the game colors in Full Screen mode should be fixed.


      *IMPORTANT* - I recommend right clicking also on "YANG.EXE" and change the properties so that it can be run as an administrator shown here https://yang-online.com/images/runasadminwin7.jpg.
      Or you might have problems launching games on YANG as it will say "not an allowed player".
      Also do the same for your main xDuke executable if you have problems in Windows 7/Vista etc.

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