YANG - Port Forwarding Guide


When you first set up and start YANG you come to the main screen shown below.



Left mouse click on the "Settings" menu then click on "Multiplayer and networking". You now have 3 tabs.
Player profile, Sound notifications and Networking.
Click on the Networking tab.


This is the place you can change the default ports for YANG when you host rooms and the game port that is used to connect to a game.

If you are hosting a room in YANG you will need to forward the TCP port "8501" on your router/modem to create rooms unless you just want to join rooms then you won't have to forward your port to join a room.
You will also need to forward the UDP port "
23513" on your router/modem to play games & if you are playing the DXX-Rebirth games then the default port "42424" UDP. Some games are Server/Client and only the host will need the game port forwarded except for games that will be using P2P mode, then everyone must forward their UDP port.

You can also change them from here to a different port.

You also need to make sure that any software/hardware firewalls you have also allows you to use these ports.

For LAN only games you do not have to forward ports if just playing on a LAN.


Router Configuration

Please continue reading if you do not know how to forward your port on your router.

Ok to keep this simple as possible now look at your router and check on the back/sides of it and find out what make and model number it is.

In this example mine is a "Linksys WAG200G".
Note down what yours is.

Now click the following link to visit this site and look up your router model number.

Now look at the top right of the page you just opened, you now must click on "
Click here to skip this advertisement... "

Ok now that you have done that look a bit down and look for the part that says "If you do not see the program you are forwarding ports for, be sure to visit our Default Guide for this router"

Click on the default guide link on the page you are viewing.

Now in that guide it will tell you how to login to your router and forward the ports that you need forwarding.
If you don't know what your LAN IP address is that you need to forward to then.

Go to a
DOS Prompt/Command Prompt on the computer you want to forward the port to.
It usually is located by clicking on your start menu / Programs / Accessories, then command prompt.
Or start/run and type "

When you get the black window popup.


ipconfig /all

And this will give you the LAN IP address you need to forward the ports on.
See screen shot it is highlighted in a green rectangle.

You might need to scroll up above a bit until you can find it.

Ok so you can see that "" is the IP address I need to forward the ports to on this machine.
Yours might be different.

Advanced note - for advanced users)
If you are playing a LAN game on YANG, then each machine will have a different LAN IP address and each machine should have a different game port forwarded for each machine on each LAN IP address and configured on YANG for each machine running on your LAN if you also want people on the internet to be able to see them to connect to them etc.
Though if you just want to play a game using LAN only you don't have to forward your ports.
Each player on your LAN can just join using YANG by the "Action" menu then "Join a room manually" option.

Now below here is a screenshot of my router settings were I forward the correct ports.
Yours might look a bit different. Check the part surrounded in green lines.



By now you should have forwarded your ports on your router/modem.

When you host a room on YANG and click on the "Advertise Room" button.
You should be welcomed by the message of the day.

For example in this screenshot.

You can also see your LAN IP address in this case under the In-game Address list bar.
You don't have to worry about detected IP’s as this is your internet IP address and YANG sorts that out for you.

If you got a different message such as :-

* Trying master server 2, please wait...
* Error from master server: A test of connecting to your room has failed. It may just be a slow connection.
It's also possible that TCP port number 8501 is not forwarded in your network.

Then something else such as a firewall software/hardware is blocking this port.
You will have to configure any firewalls to allow you to use these ports and check that there not in use by another program.

Worst case scenario could be that you are using a shared connection or your ISP has blocked these ports from their side and you don't have access to them.


Using a VPN with Port Forwarding

https://portmap.io/ - may be a better option than Torguard.

Alternatively you could try and use a VPN with Port Forwarding if you don't have access to the router on your network.

You still might have problems connecting to some players using a VPN.

You may have to create the game instead and host.
You might want to consider using a Dedicated IP, because they are not shared and unique to you.

You can try TorGuard that allows you to forward at least 20 ports - TorGuard.

While it's not free, it's possibly a last resort.

1. Install Torguard.

2. Set up the settings something like this, choose which country you prefer, can effect latency, then Connect and login.
Once you are successfully connected, the above arrow in the screenshot shows you to press the "PIN icon".

What this will do is save the "IP address", so that when you connect next time, it will be the same IP.

3. Write down the "IP address" you have pinned.

4. Login to your Torguard website account on the webpage.

5. Click on the "Services", and then "My Services".

6. Click on "Request Port Forward".

7. Once it's been added successfully, you need to also make sure the settings match here as the same on your Torquard application.
So put in the "IP Address" you wrote down earlier, add the ports "TCP 8501" and "UDP 23513" to the list on the left side box.

Make sure you have the same "Protocol" and "Port/Auth" as set on your "TOR application".

Those ports mentioned are the YANG defaults if not changed.

If just one of the settings are wrong, the port forwarding won't succeed.

8. Reconnect back to the same "IP address" on Torquard.

9. Now use YANG as normal and, if all correct you should be able to host rooms and connect to games.

If you get an error connecting to the server, then something went wrong.

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Thanks for reading!
I hope this has helped.
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