Redneck Rampage - Example


To play Redneck Rampage on YANG.


Visit "" and buy the Redneck Rampage Collection.


Run "setup_redneck_rampage.exe" to install Redneck Rampage.
For Vista/Windows 7 users you might have to run it as an admin.

The screen should look like this.


What I will do now is click on the "Options" button to change my installation path to "c:\uberredneckrampage".
You can change it to what ever you need.

Then clicking on the "Start Installation" button when ready to install it.

    After the installation is complete it should display an "Your installation is complete!" message.  
    From here you can click on the "Exit Installer" button or the "Launch" button if you want to test it in single player.  

You now need to set up your controls and stuff.

If you look at your programs list, you should see a new file folder called "" and "Redneck Rampage Collection" then "Redneck Rampage" and finally clicking on the "Setup" option.

As shown below.

    Now this should bring up the Redneck Rampage Setup screen as shown below.  

You should not really have to change much except your controls.

Use the arrow keys to select "Controller Setup".
If you want to also set up bMouse, there is a guide for that also on the main YANG site.

Once you are done setting up, just press "ESC" key and save the settings.


Download and install the latest version of DOSBox here @
All players must be using the latest version to avoid conflicts when starting multiplayer games on YANG.

This is the same for the game files, also must be the exact files to avoid conflicts.

There is a DOSBox guide @
That I recommend looking at to tweak your DOSBox for the best performance.

  5. Download and install YANG to set up Redneck Rampage @  

I skipped the basic set up of YANG since we already have a guide for this on the main site.

Click on the "DOSBox" tab to set the path to the new version of DOSBox as shown above.




Then click on the "Custom DOS games" tab and enter the paths to your "RR.EXE" as well as your "SETUP.EXE".
Yours will most likely be in a different location from mine.

We want to use "SETUP.EXE" for the multiplayer and "RR.EXE" for single player.

It's important to name your game profile something that people will understand as well as the version number to avoid conflicts.


As there are already basic guides on hosting a game on YANG I have skipped this part.

Now to play a 4 player game of Redneck Rampage.
One of you now hosts a game on YANG, making sure the ports are forwarded as required.

You can get a port forwarding guide @

If you can't forward your port then let someone else HOST, or you can all use Hamachi.
If you use Hamachi, make sure you don't advertise your game on the rooms list, & all players would have to join a manual game using the HOSTS Hamachi IP address.

Now the other 3 players will now join the hosts room and make ready!

Then finally the game setup launches to configure a 4 player game once launching on YANG.


All players must choose the "Network Game" option in the menu.

Then all players must choose the "Change Number Of Players" option as shown below.


*IMPORTANT* - All players must set the number of players to the amount that are currently playing in the game.
In this case we have to set it to 4 players.


*IMPORTANT* - All players must select "Setup Network Socket Number" to use also the exact same socket number to connect to each other.

If it's not the same then the game will not connect.
The default socket number should be "8849", but in some cases some players have this set differently, so beware of this.

Players can also select "Change Player Name" to set the player name to be seen inside the multiplayer game of Redneck Rampage.

Finally once all players have set those options then must click on "Launch Redneck Rampage".
Then the game will try to connect over an emulated IPX network mode across the internet.

*Note* - My commit driver is v1.4 but yours will probably be v1.3.
It's also important everyone uses the same commit driver.



Now finally all players should now have at least started the game up and are now viewing the Redneck Rampage intro.


This is what catches allot of players off thinking that the game doesn't work causing a black screen.
Well this is not the case if all players follow a simple rule here.

When a multiplayer Redneck Rampage game starts over DOSBox, all players have control of selecting the game multiplayer option settings from the ingame multiplayer menu screen.

To avoid a player getting a black dark screen where they can't see anything, but still show up as being inside the game.

All players must wait for like 1 minute until everyone has past the intro and everyone must be waiting at the game menu screen to avoid problems with a black screen of death.

This is what a black screen will look like below.


This is what will happen to someone if the game starts to soon resulting in a black screen problem.

So here is how to fix that problem mentioned above.
All players must wait until they are on this screen shown below as an example.


Now look above.

This is a screenshot of each of the players screens.
All players must be waiting at this screen to avoid a black screen of death.

This is why everyone should wait for at least 60 seconds before starting the game to make sure all players have past the intro and are all waiting at this screen.

Now it's also important to only let the host choose the game options shown at the top left screen.

Once the host chooses "Start Game" all players should enter the game without any problems to their screen shown below.


As you can see no black screen problem and all players are ready to start playing the game.
Also if you hold down ALT then push ENTER, it will change to full screen.

Well that's it for this example tutorial for Redneck Rampage.

You can send your comments about this tutorial to me @

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