Rise of the Triad (1994) - Setup

Max 2-Players only
    To set up "Rise of the Triad (1994)" on YANG.  
  Original Rise of the Triad (1994) game by Apogee (GOG)  
  Latest version of "DOSBox" (Link)  

Configuring Rise of the Triad inside YANG


In the "Settings" menu open up the "Source Ports" dialog and click on the "DOSBox" tab and make sure that you have the path set to your "DOSBox.exe" location with the "I have DOSBox" tickbox checked.

  2. Select the "Custom DOS Games" tab and press the button, then type in the name of the game, example "Rise of the Triad 1994" like in the screenshot below.  

Locate the "rott.exe" and the "setup.exe" game executable and make sure no tickbox's are checked like in the screenshot above, you will want the "rott.exe" for launching the game in Single-Player mode, but you will want to use the games "setup.exe" for the multiplayer mode.


Select the "Action" menu and choose the "Create a room" option and then click on the "Custom DOS game" TAB, and from the dropdown list choose the profile you just created called "Rise of the Triad 1994"

And this is very important!

Make sure that "Use-Modem (COM1) mode instead of LAN mode" is checked.

This is because in testing, with DOSBOX, we couldn't get this game to work well using the LAN mode for online netplay, but it worked fine if it was on our local network.

However, this option seems to work well online, but it's restricted to a maximum of two players.


Now let someone join your room with the same game installed with the exact same version of "DOSBox" and the game files.

Remember that you need by default when hosting a room on YANG to have the TCP port "8501" forwarded for internet games, as well as the default port UDP "23513" when hosting.

Any players that are joining your room don't need any ports forwarded to play with you for DOSBOX games.

See the "Port Forwarding" guide if you need help to do that.

    Once you are ready, it's time to launch your game with the other players in the room that are ready.  
    When the game starts both players should be in this "Rise of the Triad Setup" menu screen, and should choose "Setup COM Port".  
    After that, players then should choose "Select COM port" and change it to "COM Port 1".  

Watch the video, also available in HD resolution to watch clearly even at full screen to see what happens after that.

All players should be going through an intro that can usually be skipped with the "ESC" key, and finally players will choose "COMM-BATâ„¢ GAME".

Then the game can begin, by choose the map and skins etc.