Setting Up A Custom Dos game

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In this example I will set up a DOS game called "Redneck Rampage". I will click on the "Settings" menu and then "Source Ports" then clicking on the "Dosbox" tab I must set up Dosbox first as all the DOS games run using Dosbox which the latest version can be downloaded here "".
As you can see above I have now located my "DOSBox.exe" file after clicking the tickbox to enable "I have DOSBox". Also there is a "Get DOSBox" link on the left side, don't use the old DOSBox version that comes with the game on GOG. It's outdated and everyone should really be using the latest version of DOSBox downloadable from the main DOSBox site.
  Now I will click on the "Custom DOS games" tab to set up "Redneck Rampage."  
First I click on the to add a new game to the profile and name it "Redneck Rampage Rel 1.01".
I have unchecked "Use same executable for multiplayer mode" and selected "RR.EXE" for my single player executable and "SETUP.EXE" for my multiplayer executable. Also if your game needs Netbios.exe you can set the path for this also. In this game I don't have to because it won't need it.
Also if your game supports "In Game Joining" then you have the option to select this also if you want. Not all DOS games can do this.

Then I press OK when I am done setting up the game on the profiles list. If you also want to set up bMouse for this game then click on the link here "Setting up bMouse", optional.
In this next example I have also set up a game called Death Rally. And since this game supports In-Game joining I have enabled this option as seen below.
Here I have ticked the option "Supports in-game joining multiplayer mode". This allows players to join a game that is in progress.

The host clicks on the "Action" menu and chooses "Create a room" and then click on the "Custom Dosbox" tab & selecting the Death Rally profile I created earlier in this example.
  So here I have also clicked on Advertise room in the rooms list. For that I need to make sure I have forwarded the default TCP port on YANG was "8501" then I press ok. The server will then make a test connection to your room to make sure your port is forwarded correctly and connectable. If you get an error message and cannot connect to the master server because of a slow connection then something is wrong. If you need help forwarding your ports there is a port forwarding guide on the main page. Remember you don't need to forward your port if you are joining someones DOS game.
  Here I have advertised my game without any problem. If you have not launched yet and someone else has joined your room you will be able to chat to them. You can also chat to them inside this game because it has a lobby. All players will have to click the ready button before you can launch game. But we are not going to wait for anyone since this game supports In-Game joining. I am just going to start now and wait inside the game for players to join by clicking on the "Launch game" button.  
  I got into the game without problems. So I am just going to select "Multiplayer Race" then "Network Connection" and I will enter my game nickname then I will select "Initialize A New Game". You can also press ALT+ENTER to change to full screen if you want to. You can then set up your game then just press F1 to wait in the game lobby chat for someone else to join in.  
  Ok I am waiting silently for someone now. I will now show you what it's like for someone to join your game. Lets say they have configured "Death Rally" best for them to also have exactly the same game version as you. So we could of named our profile with the version number of the game also.

This is what the game looks like on the rooms list on YANG.
  If I scroll to the right you will see that the owner of the room is already inside the game.  
  So all I have to do is double left mouse click on the room and this is what it will ask me.  
I then select my game profile "Death Rally" in this example.
  Now it asks me if I want to launch the game so that I can join them. I will click on "Yes". I then choose inside the game "Multiplayer Race" and "Network Connection" then I enter my nickname then I press "F1" and now I can chat to the other player before the game starts.  
You should also note that the games EDuke32/DXX-Rebirth automatically support in-game joining on YANG.
The game has begun.