Setting Up A Supported DOS Game

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Setting up a DOS game that's already supported on YANG should be straight forward. I will set up the game Blood for DOS in this example.
I need to make sure I am using the latest DOSBox version.
You can click on the "Get DOSBox" link on the left on the screenshot below if you need to visit the site to download the latest version of DOSBox.
Then I have ticked the checkbox "I have DOSBox" and located the path to my "DOSBox.exe" file.
Then next if you want you can tick "Use bMouse with the DOS Build Engine games" optional for better mouse feeling.
More about that here.
  Then left click on the TAB that says "Blood" see screenshot below.  
  Then now that I have set my path to the "Blood.exe" and my usermaps folder.
I can just press OK.
Assuming you have set up your Blood game sound and key configuration you can start hosting a game on YANG, or join someone elses room.