YANG - Setting Up TC/MODS

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Now on YANG there is updated support for TCs and MODs now for Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior. In this example I have already set up a game source port called EDuke32 on YANG that I will use in this example using a MOD for Duke Nukem 3D called "The Gate".
I will start by downloading an older EDuke32 since it's most stable "eduke32_snapshot_20081230.zip" until the new EDuke32 current release is working well in multiplayer.
You can download older versions of EDuke32 here: http://dukeworld.duke4.net/eduke32/old_versions/

I have also now set my EDuke32 game up on YANG for the path as shown below.

I will also download "The Gate" mod from this website "http://dukeworld.duke4.net/classic%20dukeworld/tc/thegate/", and I have extracted the contents of the file into a new folder called "thegatemod" on my hard drive. Now I will click on the "Settings" menu then I will choose "TCs and MODs" as seen below it will take you to the following dialog.

  Now I click on to create a new profile and I named it "The Gate". Then I choose the files for this MOD that I extracted earlier that was in my "thegatemod" folder location. I have clicked on the "Add file(s)" button and selected 2 files for this MOD "thegate.con" & "Thegate.grp".
Also since this MOD has a new CON file I have ticked the "Main CON file" tick box and then selected at the top "c:\thegatemod\thegate.con" with my left mouse button on the list and then clicked on the "Set CON file" button so that the text box changed to "thegate.con" for the main CON file.
Also I have ticked on the "TC/MOD URL" and entered the web address location. This tells people on YANG that view your room where you can download the MOD files.

Now I have simply pressed on OK after I have completed the set up. And now I will create a new room on YANG like in the below screenshot.
  As I am using the old EDuke32 and the old EDuke32s multiplayer can be playing using "Peer-2-Peer" & "Master/Slave" mode, I am going to choose "Master/Slave" mode since other players that can join me will not have to have their ports forwarded to connect to me in game.
That's correct we have now added this mode back into YANG! The "Server/Client" mode is only available on the new EDuke32, but some people will go back to using the old versions until the bugs have been fixed in the new EDuke32. Also note that "Server/Client" mode allows people to join someone using the In-Game join features while players are all ready in the game playing, so no need to wait for them to launch the game, you can join anytime you want as long as the server is not full.
As you can see on the far bottom right side of the screenshot on YANG it shows for the connection "Master/Slave" mode.
Now when someone joins the room from the rooms list they should also see that the person hosting the room is using a MOD like in the below screenshot.
  Under the TC/MOD heading tells you the name of the MOD that the host is using but also if you start to join the room this is what it will look like.  
At the very top in red as my mouse was over the link that says "The Gate" is a hyperlink. If I clicked on this it will take me to the website that the creator of the room as set on their profile, remember when I showed you they entered a URL in the "TC/MOD URL" tickbox when creating the room?
Well this is what this basically is, telling anyone that joins the room where they can download the MOD files from!
So you can see also the Hosts files they have selected for the MOD on the left compared to yours on the right side!

Now once every player has the MOD and set it up correctly then the game can soon begin!