Shadow Warrior - Setup


To set up "Shadow Warrior" on YANG (Yet Another Netplay Guider) is a very easy thing to do, if you want to play on a LAN, or an online game, or even in single player.

You can buy "Shadow Warrior Complete" from "GOG" including the expansions "Wanton Destruction" and the "Twin Dragon" expansion.


Shadow Warrior - Contents:

  1. Setting up "Shadow Warrior" with DOSBox  
  2. Playing Shadow Warrior on "Single Player" mode  
  3. Playing Shadow Warrior "Online"  
  4. Playing Shadow Warrior on "LAN" only  

Shadow Warrior DOSBox setup


In this example I will install "Shadow Warrior" for Windows using the GOG edition, bought directly from the main GOG website.

After downloading "setup_shadow_warrior_complete_2.0.0.7.exe" from GOG, run the installation program, and you should end up seeing the setup screen like below.


Click on the options button on the lower left corner.
This will allow you to set a location to install "Shadow Warrior".

In this example I have chosen to install it to "D:\games\ShadowWarriorComplete" and I have ticked the tick box that has said "Yes, I have read and accept EULA" and then I have clicked on the "Install" button.


Exit the "Shadow Warrior Setup" screen if it's installed successfully and click on your Windows "Start" menu and locate "", then "Shadow Warrior Complete", and finally left click on the "Settings" to configure your "Shadow Warrior" configuration keys and other options for the game.

Also do this for the "Twin Dragon" addon as seen in the below screenshot.


Finally the game should be able to run now in "Single Player" mode, which you can try to test that you have the game configured correctly located by the same options in the above screenshot.

Now start up "YANG (Yet Another Netplay Guider)".
If you have not installed "YANG" yet, you can download it from the main YANG website located here.

  5. From this YANG dialog, left mouse click on the "Settings" menu and select the "Source ports" option.  

Click on the "DOSBox" tab.

If you don't already already have "DOSBox" installed, you can locate it in the same location you installed "Shadow Warrior" in like in the below screenshot, otherwise you can download DOSBox from the main website, also checking that you have the latest version of DOSBox installed.


Then click on the "Shadow Warrior" tab and tick the tickbox that says "DOS Registered v1.2 (Requires DOSBox)" and click on the "locate" button to locate your "sw.exe" or "wanton.exe" file, depending on what addon you are playing.

All players must have the exact same version of the game in order to play with you online or for a LAN game of Shadow Warrior or its expansions.

You can also set a path to a location where you keep all your user maps like in the below screenshot example, then click on the "OK" button to save your settings.

    Now that you have "Shadow Warrior" setup, you will be able to play it in "Single Player", "Online", or "LAN" game modes from YANG.  

Playing Shadow Warrior on Single Player mode


Select the "Action" menu from the main YANG dialog and choose "Single Player".

From the "Source Port" dropdown box select the correct one to use like in the example below I am using the "DOS Registered".
I then choose the map to start on. In the example "L2: Zilla Construction".

Set your skill level, and finally click the "Play" button to start the game of "Shadow Warrior" in "Single Player" mode.

You can hold down the left "ALT" key and press "ENTER" to change between "Full Screen" mode and "Windowed Mode" if using DOSBox.


Playing Shadow Warrior Online

  1. Click on the "Settings" menu and choose "Multiplayer and networking".  
  2. Change your nickname so that you can appear to players as in this example "Replica" like in the below screenshot.  

Then click on "Sound notifications" and from here you can disable or enable sounds, or have YANG play your own sound effect media files.

You can also click on the "Test" buttons to hear the sound effect.


Click on the "Networking" TAB.

By default YANG uses those ports UDP "23513" and the TCP "8501" ports.

The UDP port is used for games on YANG, and the TCP port is used if hosting a room on YANG for people to join.
When you advertise a room on YANG, the server will try to make a test connection to you on the TCP port "8501" to check that you have forwarded it successfully.

If it was unsuccessful, an error message will appear.
If you get an error, please visit the "Port Forwarding Guide" for help.

  5. Click on the "OK" button to save any settings, then from the main YANG dialog, tick the box that says "Look for rooms on startup", and then click on the "Get list of rooms" button to view the current games on YANG that are currently being hosted.  

You can see that there is one room on the list using the DOS version of Shadow Warrior.

Joining A Game Room

You can double left click on the room listed in the above example to join the persons room that is hosting a game of "Shadow Warrior".


From inside someones game room, click on the "Ready" button and a tick will appear next to your name and all other players that are in a ready state.

After that the HOST of the room will click on the "Launch game" button to start the multiplayer game online of Shadow Warrior.
If all goes well, as in the example picture above. A two player game should begin.

    Hosting A Room  
  1. Left click on the "Action" button and choose "Create a room".  
  2. In the Source port dropdown box select the game you are wanting to host, and from here you can select the map you want to play as well as the amount of players that can join your room, and any other settings you want, then click on the "OK" button.  

Click on the advertise button if you want to list your game room on the "Games Room" listings for players to see that you are hosting a game of Shadow Warrior.

Once you have a player or all players have joined, and when they have all changed to the "Ready" status, you can click on the "Launch game" button to start the game.

Playing Shadow Warrior on LAN only
    When playing on a LAN, you won't need to forward any ports.  
    Hosting A LAN Game  

On the main YANG dialog, click on the "Action" menu and choose "Create A Room".

In the Source port dropdown box select the game you are wanting to host, and from here you can select the map you want to play as well as the amount of players that can join your room, and any other settings you want, but make sure the "Advertise room in the rooms list" tickbox is unchecked, then click on the "OK" button.

    What ever you do, do not advertise the room, as this room we are doing now is only for LAN players, unless you know how to set up a room where LAN players can join as well as internet players.  

If you don't know what your LAN "IP/HOST" name is, you can open up a "Command Prompt" from your "Start" menu on Windows inside "Programs" and "Accessories".

Or from the "Start" menu and to "RUN" a program, type in the box "cmd" to open up a "Command Prompt" then type "ipconfig /all".

Highlighted in red, you will be able to use the "IP/Host" address on YANG when joining a LAN game from the other machines on the same network.

See "Joining A LAN Game below".

  3. From here you can wait for the other players on the LAN to join your room, and launch the game when they are all ready.  
    Joining A LAN Game  
  1. Click on the "Action" menu and choose "Join a room manually".  
  2. Enter the LAN IP address or the HOST name of the computer on your LAN that is hosting the room to join it, as well as the "Port Number" by default TCP "8501".  

LAN IP address example


Host Address example

  3. Once you have joined and clicked on the "Ready" button at the bottom left corner, the person hosting the room launches the game to begin a LAN game.