Playing - Recording - Shadow Warrior - Demos

  Recording your Shadow Warrior Netplay games can be done straight from YANG - (Yet Another Netplay Guider).  
•  Recording Replay Files  

When hosting a room of the DOS version of Shadow Warrior, check the "Record Demo" box and name your Demo Playback File.

***Important*** - The filename must not exceed 8 characters in length before the extension .dmo.



This will create the file "netplay1.dmo" which will be your recorded movements of each player inside the game that you can replay back later.

The Replay Demo file will be created inside your Shadow Warrior installation folder were your "sw.exe" is located.

Playing Replay Files

Playing back Replay Files has been quite difficult for sometime.

A long time ago I found out how to play them back.

But as it was a long process which seemed rather flawed, I have created a Demo Playback program for Shadow Warrior to try make things allot easier.

So bad news for some of you is that it's only for Windows.

Download the "Shadow Warrior (1997) Demo Player".
Extract the ".Zip" archieve to a new folder.
  I included Visual C++ Redistributables incase you get missing DLL files, but those might not be needed and they are mostly just for the "Fake Netplay Feature".  
3.. Run the "SWDemoPl.exe" file. (You might want to Run it as Admin if you have problems.)  

Assuming lets say you have a Demo Replay file called "NETTEST.DMO", that's a 2-Player Demo recording on Deathmatch.

Locate each of the files required to playback your Replay, by clicking on the Locate buttons to locate each file required.

5. Select the Level that the demo file was recorded with.  
6. Select the number of players the demo was recorded with, and you have the option to turn Monsters On/Off.  

Click on "Play Demo Playback File".

Now depending on the number of players you have selected, the higher amount being more intensive.

Once the game has started the level, you can close all the other DOSBox windows except leave one open to watch the demo replay back.

If it was a Netplay game you can use the "K" default key for Coop View to change player view to watch them play.

Fake Netplay Mode

Fake netplay mode is a feature I implemented, which lets you play all the levels including the Deathmatch and CTF levels in single player, with the NetPlay menu available to you to use!

This means you are free to explore those maps before entering a real NetPlay game!


You can explore all the levels in Single Player as if it was a Netplay Game.

It uses an alternative DOSBox though, that might require the "Visual C++ Redistributable" if you don't have them installed.

I might try remove the need for the alternative DOSBox in the feature, expecially as I had trouble with this DOSBox running on Windows 10 with missing DLL files.


I am sure there are possibly a few minor bugs.

If you experience problems you could try and close the program and relaunch it.

This is the first release of the "Shadow Warrior Demo Player" and I will try to improve it in the future only if I have time.

If I find a way to play back the Replays without multiple DOSBox windows by forcing Fake Netplay to spawn player sprites, I think it would playback using just one DOSBox window.

You might have to locate all the paths on first use then close it and open it again for it to work for the rest of the time.