Shadow Warrior - ProAsm's SWP Setup


Installing SWP

Downloasd ProAsm's SWP.

Create a directory called SWP and in this directory you will need the following files:

1. SWP.exe
2. SWP.grp
3. SWP.cfg - will get created 1st time.
4. SW.grp - Shareware or retail < You can get that file free if you get the game free on Steam.

That will get you playing although to improve gameplay graphics you will need the High Resolution Pack (HRP).
Just add the "" file to this directory and start the game.

The High Resolution Pack is optional, and not required, as it's only better graphics.

Other Directories

For a better gameplay it may become neccessary to add a Maps directory where you can store all your user maps and assiated map files.
SWP will look for this directory at startup and list the maps found.

Another worthy directory is the games directory where you store all your Addons, TCs (Total Conversions) and other associated files.
Here again, SWP will loook for this directory at startup and list all your addons etc.

This is an optional directory where SWP will look for all you music that you may want to select with your game.


Setting up ProAsm's SWP Sourceport on YANG

  1. Once you have opened YANG, click on the "Settings" menu and choose "Source ports".  

Tick to enable the "SWP" tickbox and then choose the "Select" button to find the location of your "SWP.exe".

Then click on "OK" to save the changes.


Now once you create a room on YANG, a new option should appear for Shadow Warrior.