Warcraft II (2) Tides of Darkness - Setup


To set up "Warcraft II (2) Tides of Darkness" on YANG (Yet Another Netplay Guider) you will first need to put in your game disc into the DVD/CD-ROM drive of your computer.

You can also use or make a "BIN/CUE" disc image of the disc as well and mount it with YANG (Yet Another Netplay Guider) using DOSBOX.

You can buy "Warcraft II (2) Tides of Darkness" the original DOS version from "Amazon".


Warcraft II (2) Setting up the game

  1. Put in your Warcraft II (2) Tides of darkness disc into the CD disc drive, unless you have a disc image file which should be in the "bin/cue" format.  

Create a new folder, it will be the location that you would like to install the Warcraft II (2) game files to.

I have chosen in this example the location of "H:\games\War2\".

Note it's important to keep the folder name to a maximum of 8 characters long with out spaces in it to make it easier to install.

This is just because DOS uses 8 character names max, for the folders and files.

So if you don't want to run into installation problems, keep it to the max limit for naming the folders.

  3. Start the YANG games launcher up, then choose the "Settings" menu then "Source Ports" then the "DOSBox" tab.  

Make sure you have DOSBox installed, and the "I have DOSBox" is ticked and the correct path is set like in the below screenshot.

If you don't have DOSBox you can download it here: DOSBox

  5. Create a new subfolder in your War2 folder, and name it in this example as "Conf", and download this DOSBox config file "WarCraft II (2) DOSBox Config File" and place it into the new folder as shown in the screenshot below.  

The reason for this, is to slow down the scrolling speed inside the game, because it's to fast.

You can edit this file in "Notepad" to change the line that says "cycles=12000", and adjust accordingly.
But 12000 seems to be a good number in this example.

  6. On the same YANG "DOSBox" dialog, check the box that says "Use the following configuration file as a base" and choose the file we just downloaded "war2settings.conf", as seen in the screenshot below.  

This can be disabled later on, if you are playing other games on YANG.

  7. Then clock on the "Custom DOS Games" tab, and click on the icon to create a new "Game Profile".  

    Next name it something like "Warcraft II Tides of Darkness".  
  8. Next we need to use the CD disc we put in the drive earlier, or the disc image file "bin/cue" format.  

Warcraft II(2) - If you have a physical normal CD inside your disc drive bay

Check the option that says "Mount a CD-ROM location" and choose the "Select" button as seen below, you need to select the disc drive in my case it's "g:\".


Warcraft II (2) - If you have a disc image file "bin/cue" format



    Then instead you must choose the "Mount a CD-ROM image/block device" option and use the select button to locate the ".BIN" file as shown below.  
  9. Now assuming you named your folders to a maximum of 8 characters and no more, we can now install the game from the CD, or the disc image files.  
    Start up DOSBox as seen in the screenshot below.  
Warcraft II(2) - If you have a physical normal CD inside your disc drive bay
    Type "mount c h:\games\war2", this is the folder we created at the beginning.  
    Then type "mount d g:\ -t cdrom", this is so we mount the CD drive "g:\" the drive location of the Warcraft II CD, so make sure it's the correct drive letter.  

And then type "d:"

Then "install".

See below screenshot to make sure it says the same things without errors.

Warcraft II (2) - If you have a disc image file "bin/cue" format
    Type "mount c h:\games\war2", this is the folder we created at the beginning.  

Then type "imgmount d e:\gamespc\War2\warISO\war2.bin -t cdrom -fs ISO", this is so we mount the CD image file of the Warcraft II CD, so make sure it's correct.

**Note** that in green color you will need to change the location and type it differently, to the image file on one of your drives.

The -t command and cdrom tells DOSBox that it's a CDRom, and the -fs command is the file system.

Then type "d:"

Then finally type "install".




Assuming now you have done everything correct and there are no errors!

It's time to move on to the games installation from the CD, and you should now get a screen like below.

    Click the "CONTINUE" button.  
    Again click the "CONTINUE" button, don't change the pathname. This will actually create a subfolder in the folder you created at the start.  
    Click on the "OK" button the installation should of been successful if everything was done right.  
    The defaults should work, so click on "OK".  
    Click on "AUTO SET".  
    Click on "OK".  
    You can click on "TEST", and you should hear sound, and click on "OK"  

    Click on "OK".  


    Click on "AUTO SET".  
    Clck on "OK".  
    You can click on "TEST", and you should hear sound, and click on "OK"  
    Clck on "OK".  
    Now type "exit" to close the window.  

You should still have YANG up, and now tick and locate the "Single-player mode executable", and choose the "war2.exe".

You should also notice it's now located inside a new subfolder, see screenshots.


Next in the installation folder, you will see all the files. In my case it's in "h:\games\War2\WAR2\".

Locate and open the "WAR2.INI" file in Notepad or Notepad++.


Make sure the first line says "cdpath=D:\".

    If it doesn't, then change it to D and save.  
    Finally that's it all set up, and you can now test it in single player, to make sure it works, and the scroll speed is good.  
  13. Now in the "Action" menu, choose "Single Player".  
    Then choose "Custom DOS game", and from the Profile dropdown box choose "Warcraft II Tides of Darkness".  
    Click on the "Play" button.  


    The cycles should show here, as we are using a DOSBox config file as a base, to allow our in game scrolling to be better.  
  14. Select the "Single Player" mode.  
    Then select "New Campaign".  
    Select your race.  
    You should now be able to test the scrolling speed and play in Single Player mode.  
    You can press "ALT+ENTER" to enter full screen mode.  
    **Note** - Now that the game is set up correctly, you can join Warcraft II (2) Tides of Darkness games on YANG to play multiplayer or over LAN.  

If you are playing a Multiplayer game online across the internet, you can join other peoples rooms and play the game without needing to forward ports.

However, if you want to host a online game across the internet, then you will need to make sure your ports are forwarded on your router.



By default you need the TCP Port "8501" forwarded for other players to be able to join your room across from the internet.

And by default you will need the UDP port "23513" forwarded if you want people to see your game rooms inside the game when players are across from the internet.

    There is a port forwarding guide here: Guide.