YANG Guide

Initial YANG Setup
Setting Up A Source Port
  Setting Up A Supported DOS Game  
  Setting Up A Custom DOS Game  
  Setting Up TCs and MODs  
  Setting Up DOSBox for DOS Games  

YANG - Example Game Setups

  4 Player Redneck Rampage  
  Magic Carpet 2  
  2 Player Rise of the Triad (1994)  
  Shadow Warrior  
  Warcraft II (2) - Tides of Darkness  

Play the full version of Shadow Warrior (1997) Free and Online

  You can now get Shadow Warrior Classic (1997) FREE: Steam / GOG  
  Shadow Warrior Classic (1997) - Steam Edition Online Guide  
  Shadow Warrior Classic (1997) - GOG Edition Online Guide  
  Shadow Warrior Classic (1997) - SWP Source Port guide (Windows Only)  
  *Note* - Both the Shadow Warrior Classic (1997) on Steam and GOG are the same versions of the game, and will work on YANG.  
Shadow Warrior (1997) DOS Playback Demos and Playing back your online game recordings
  How to record and playback your online Shadow Warrior games.