YANG Terms and Conditions


By downloading YANG and connecting to any of the YANG servers, you must agree to accept the YANG network terms without question arranged by the YANG management staff. These rules have been established to provide an enjoyable game playing environment for everyone. The YANG staff reserves the right to revise these rules without notice. YANG staff will take whatever steps necessary to enforce these rules. Breaking such rules risks getting banned depending on the severity of the offence.

YANG staff attempts to regulate content which the staff deems inappropriate. The appropriateness of any content is the sole judgment of the YANG staff.

The YANG staff will make every reasonable attempt to moderate public game rooms, and game servers. However, the YANG staff are not able to monitor everything. To that end, the YANG staff cannot be held responsible for the content which users are exposed to.


The following activities are strictly forbidden from being discussed or portrayed using any of the YANG resources.

Abuse toward other players:
No player may harass, threaten or intimidate another player. This includes, but is not limited to racial, sexual or ethnic slurs directed at any player.
Abuse toward other Server:  
  Any attempt to disrupt, "crash", or in any way interfere with the performance, usability or availability of any YANG server. Flooding, spamming or any other behavior which can adversely affect the performance of the server is not permitted. Any methods such as excessive network traffic or CPU load is strictly forbidden.  
Inappropriate use of YANG rooms:  
  Rooms may not bear any offensive name, map name, MOTD, email address or URL which may in any way offend any YANG player. Racially, sexually or ethnically offensive room names are strictly forbidden.  
Inappropriate YANG player name:  
  No player may use a name which, either intentionally or not, offends, threatens or harasses other players who might see that name while browsing for servers, or engaging in chat. Racially, sexually or ethnically offensive player names are strictly forbidden. Obscene or indecent names are not permitted.  
  Any attempt to provide a player with an unfair advantage over another player will be considered cheating. This includes any modification to any game file, any map file or any other method of altering the behavior of the game other than those available to other players on the same host. This does not include any weapon, feature or style of game play that is available to all players in the game.  
Impersonating YANG staff members:  
  No one may claim to be a YANG staff member, or in any way mislead other players into thinking that they in any way represent the YANG project or its staff members. This includes either mimicking the name of any staff member whose name appears on the YANG website. Player names which are designed with the intention of misrepresenting themselves as YANG staff members are forbidden. YANG staff members do not identify themselves as such when they play YANG. Any player claiming to be involved with the YANG project might possibly be an imposter. For this reason, NEVER give any personal information to anyone.  
YANG Servers:  
  The YANG Master server is the exclusive property of the YANG staff. Any server, client or launcher that connects to it must abide by the rules, principals and expectations of the YANG staff. The YANG servers which connect to the Master are owned and operated by the individuals who have installed the YANG software. Other than the preceding rules, the YANG staff will not dictate the way in which each of these independent servers are used, but the staff reserves the right to block any server from the master list for any violation.  
Inappropriate discussions in public chat channels, forums or game servers:  
  Any discussions which pertain to illegal, indecent or obscene subject matter are forbidden. Discussions related to drugs, politics, "warez", illegal file sharing or any unauthorized use of any intellectual property are forbidden. Other topics which, in the opinon of the YANG staff, are likely to cause arguments or other disruptive behavior are also prohibted.  
Spoofing Server Names:  
  The use of any server name for the purpose of spoofing a server which is known to belong to someone else is forbidden.  
Challenging any Admin:  
  The decisions of the Administrators are non-negotiable. It is acceptable to privately inquire about the circumstances surrounding their actions. It is not acceptable to publicly challenge, harass, criticize or complain about the actions of any YANG staff member.  
Supporting Disruption:  
  Providing any form of assistance, information or support to any person who in any way intends to disrupt any YANG service is strictly forbidden. Failure to report obvious indications of system disruption will be considered providing support for that purpose.  
Ban Evasion:  
  Any attempt to return to game server, chat or any other YANG resource after having been banned, or kicked is forbidden. Such evasion will result in further punitive measures.  
Unsolicited Advertising:  
  YANG resources may not be used for advertising any product or service even if the product or service is free. You are not allowed to send messages or links to software or web pages either publicly or privately which promote, advertise or endorse any product or service.  
Based on zDaemon's Terms of Service